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When I first saw Marie, she was a little girl throwing frisbee and kicking football on my front yard. That playful little girl was every bit of a tomboy as can be. Not only that, Marie had something very special. Her eyes just loved camera. Her raw naked talent underneath that shy cover was glowing to be released.

Every time we´ve met on or off camera, Marie has been drawing her own story to the set. Times we wonderlusted & sneaked peoples backyards to access private piers with sets of drums and played loud and sometimes Marie was exercising her abs on the set, just to give better exposure of herself.

Those first single photos rolled to modelling career and eventually for acting... Following career and helping her star to shine has always been my privilege joy over the years. Now when Marie, that little frisbee throwing dog loving tomboy has found her passion, I am the one with a big smile on my face.

Marie Avgeropoulos

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A beautiful mind

Catching the very essence of naked soul is ones quest for capturing iconic images. The search is always there and on those rare moments you see beyond ones eyes.

Old ways won´t open new doors

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