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Riikka Lehtonen

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Pure athlete seeks no gold or glory, it seeks to search beyond his or hers limits.

When morning rises we are all on the same line. Breathing, feeling, smelling and awakening. Beyond that, is what makes us different. An athlete is something what comes within. It is a focused pure form of an electrifying individual. A form what only can be recognised by the athlete him or herself. Capturing raw form of an athlete one most become one.


There´s those who are chasing dreams and then those who will execute their dreams. Rare breed of athletes, superhuman individuals who are not afraid to give it all.

Noora Honkala (Ultra run)

Else Lautala (Fitness)

Leah Simmons (Pilates)

Kristiina Mäkelä (Triple Jump)

Minna Tervamäki (Dance)

Edis Tatli (Boxing)

Riikka Lehtonen (Beach Volley)

Lotta Upanne (Swimming)

Old ways won´t open new doors

Be Fearless

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Minna Tervamäki

Obey your


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