The basis for Leah’s popularity is simple. She is the girl next door. She’s a 39 year old mother-of-one who juggles work and family with a proactive attitude and a sense of humour. She’s easy to relate to, she’s a part of the real world. If SHE can, YOU can. There’s no trick. Her philosophy is simple – if you work hard, you get results. That’s evident from her personal health and fitness journey.

Leah Simmons is a qualified pilates teacher and fitness instructor with an insatiable passion for all things health and fitness. Having spent the past 18 years in the music industry as a DJ with a stint in London running one of the largest independent breakbeat labels in the world, Finger Lickin' Records, Leah is no stranger to hard work. She has always led an active lifestyle so when she moved back to Australia in 2005 she craved a new direction. A career in fitness was the next logical step for Leah and considering her love for the Pilates method she dove headfirst into teacher training and became an instructor in 2006. Now almost ten years later she's ready to launch the next phase of her fitness journey - body by leah simmons.

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